“One in ten Sanders [voters] are saying, ‘I’ll vote for Trump,’ and that’s amazing,” said Republican National Committee Chief Strategist Sean Spicer on on Breitbart News Sunday on SiriusXM. “There is much more of a ‘Never Hillary’ [than Never Trump].”

These comments from Spicer come from talks about which party, Republican and Democrat, are more fractured over their potential nominees, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Spicer says significant rift in the Democratic Party is more ideologically driven compared to more of a personality divide that is occurring in the Republican Party. Spicer suggests Republicans can have a better time getting over the clash of personalities, while believing Democrats will have a harder time transitioning staunch Bernie supporters to Hillary’s side. The Chief Strategist related to a poll earlier a few weeks ago where Bernie supporters in a vote between Hillary and Trump; at least 1 out of 10 hopped over to support Trump rather than stay loyal to the Democratic Party. This could be huge in gaining Trump more votes with the younger demographics.

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Spicer also adds Hillary still has not gone through an entire vetting process before the November election. “We’ve been at it for four years going through her record,” Spicer told guest host Matthew Boyle. “This idea that people know who she is and that they’ve seen everything is just ridiculous. We scratched the surface. There’s so much there.”

“Republicans have been accused in the past, and some degree rightfully so, of not tearing the bark off of our opponents and this year Donald Trump has made it very clear we are going to be aggressive and do what it takes to win,” Spicer added.