According to the NYPD, two 12-year-old boys were arrested Thursday night after they were discovered to be hatching a plot to blow up their school, a K-8th grade facility.

On November 1, officials at Intermediate School 102 in Elmhurst, Queens discovered a notebook that was left in the school’s gymnasium. Inside the notebook were detailed plans to blow up the school with rocket launchers, hand grenades and land mines, the NY Daily News reported Friday.

When the notebook was first found, school staff officials had no idea who it belonged to, but someone finally recognized the handwriting and the culprits were nailed.

NYPD officers arrested the boys Thursday night, and have turned the case over to Family Court, where the boys are scheduled for an appearance on Monday.

No information was provided on whether the boys actually had access to the weapons described in the notebook, but according to the NY Daily News report, police determined the boys “posed no threat.”

An NYPD official said “there was very detailed information as to what they wanted to do,” in the notebook.

Department of Education spokesperson Miranda Barbot reportedly stated in response to the incident, “Safety always comes first. These troubling allegations are being investigated and we’re working closely with the school to ensure appropriate follow-up action is taken.”