Ronna Romney McDaniel, Michigan’s Republican Party chairwoman and anti-Trump Mitt Romney’s niece, said her mother (once married to Mitt’s brother), two aunts and other female relatives (all on her mother’s side) are Donald Trump supporters. She says it’s because of his business background and focus on jobs and the economy. “In my family, it’s actually the women who are for Trump,” McDaniel said, mentioning she is also a Trump voter.

Around 70 percent of American women view Trump unfavorably, according to a Gallup poll released in April. Hillary Clinton held an advantage in the women’s demographic, and still does as the race heads into the general election. Nonetheless, in November, millions of American women are expected to vote for the New York business mogul.

Politico interviewed more than two dozen women who support Trump, many of whom are elected Republican officials and political activists – and all of them saw a Trump different from the one presented on television screens nationwide when they met him in person.

Many of the women pointed to Trump’s successful and popular children as a measure of his character. Some said the presumptive nominee reminded them of their own fathers or husbands, and some of the women said they saw Trump in themselves. Several rejected the idea that gender should have anything to do with the way they choose a president.

Supporters who have interacted with Trump behind closed doors describe him as “kindhearted,” a “gentleman,” and, more than once, a “good listener.”

“I have known politicians for over 35 years and I have never had a more kindhearted one look me straight in the eye and talk to me about the United States of America,” said Sue Lynch, former president of the National Federation of Republican Women. “I was overwhelmed by the kindness of that gentleman,” she said.

“He’s such a regular guy, he makes you feel so comfortable when you’re with him,” Former Governor Jan Brewer said. “The best thing is that he’s such a great listener. He’s a great listener. He doesn’t scoff at anybody’s comments or ideas.”

“He could not have been more gracious and nice to me and my family in talking about his support of Mitt at the time,” said Romney McDaniel, who snapped a photo at the May 2013 event, with Trump flashing a thumbs-up. She said her children adore that photo. “My kids love Donald,” she said.