Hillary Clinton has not held a single press conference this year. She hasn’t held one in more than 230 days, and based on all the questions she will have to answer to the American people, it’s not looking like she will have one.

When informed of the fact that the last time Clinton took questions from a pool of reporters was Dec. 4, 2015, campaign pollster Joel Benenson said, “We’ll have a press conference when we want to have a press conference.”

Benenson told ABC News that Clinton has “answered hundreds if not thousands of questions from reporters in one-on-one interviews.”

“The American people hear from her every day,” Benenson argued. “They get to ask her questions every day, and she answers questions from journalists. She’s been doing interviews for months on some of the toughest issues that have come up.”

According to a report from The Hill, on Wednesday, Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook “burst out laughing,”  when he was asked if the candidate would hold a press conference between the Democratic National Convention and Election Day.

“We’ll see,” he answered.

When asked if this media blackout would continue into a potential Clinton presidency, Mook responded with “I will not speculate about anything after the election because I’ll be on vacation.”

“I’m saying that I can’t even tell you what we’re doing 10 days from now – we make these decisions on a rolling basis.”

Mook said the campaign will “continue to evaluate these questions on an ongoing basis.”

Many Americans are angered by Clinton’s refusal to hold press conferences, and Donald Trump raised the issue on Wednesday during a press conference of his own.

“It’s been 235 days since Crooked Hillary Clinton has had a press conference and you as reporters who give her all these glowing reports should ask yourselves why. I’ll tell you why: Despite the nice platitudes, she’s been a mess.”