As announced last night, Hillary denied the progressives their wants for VP and instead went with “ties to big banks and interests” Sen. Tim Kaine.

So why Kaine?

1) Kaine offers Clinton a state-state (VA).   Kaine won 52.8 percent of the vote in his last election in Virginia, in 2012, his first run for a U.S. Senate seat, against former U.S. Sen. George Allen, a Republican. Kaine won areas in Virginia that sometimes lean Republican, including Northern Virginia suburbs Loudoun and Prince William counties.

2) He also offers Spanish-speaking skills. Kaine made history in 2013 when he delivered a speech on immigration in Spanish on the floor of the U.S. Senate.

3) Kaine’s political experience includes serving as a councilman and mayor in Richmond, lieutenant governor of Virginia and governor of Virginia (the Commonwealth is the only state that limits its governors to one term), and he is currently in his fourth year as the junior U.S. senator from Virginia.

During his tenure as governor, Kaine cut the state budget by more than $5 billion. He expanded early childhood and technical education, passed the largest bond package for higher education construction in Virginia history, reformed the state’s mental health and foster care programs, reduced the infant mortality rate, protected open space and the Chesapeake Bay, banned smoking in bars and restaurants, and pushed major rail and public transit improvements throughout the state. Kaine brokered the deal to eliminate Virginia’s estate tax and cut income taxes for thousands of low-income residents.


However, his connection to big banks and corporate interests is alienating to the “Bernie” progressives. Far left liberals have been pointing to Kaine’s support of trade deals and regulations favorable to big banks.

“If Clinton has reached out to Bernie supporters, it appears that she has done so to stick triangulating thumbs in their eyes,” said Norman Solomon, whose organization claims to represent hundreds of Sanders delegates attending the convention in Philadelphia but is not coordinating with the campaign. The group has threatened to protest during the Democratic convention with Kaine on the ticket.

Winnie Wong, an Occupy Wall Street veteran who founded the group People for Bernie, was also underwhelmed with Hillary’s pick, calling it “unsurprising and predictable,” alluding to them being two corrupt peas in a pod

“It shows a woeful disregard to the progressives who fought so hard this year to create conditions for transformational change this country desperately needs,” Wong said. “Team Clinton did the math on this horse race and they are betting on Tim Kaine to court those white male moderate/Indy voters who won’t vote for her. I doubt they can be moved.”

– Kaine, is 58 years old.  He is an avid harmonica player who likes to play bluegrass and gospel tunes.

– He is married with three children.