Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will receive government intelligence briefings within the next few days, as arguments arise by both parties that the other’s nominee is not equipped to receive sensitive information. The briefings are mostly likely to begin immediately next week once arrangements about timing and a secure government location are made.

The Republican and Democratic vice presidential candidates, Mike Pence and Tim Kaine, will also receive briefings. The briefings are meant to be provided on a non-partisan basis, and that the candidates would be advised of the classified nature of the material, though “operational and policy matters are not addressed.”

On Thursday, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid called for Trump to get “fake briefings.” “I think that the man is a loose cannon,” he said. “He’s done so much to hurt our country with our international relations.”
Yet earlier in July, House Speaker Paul Ryan formally requested Clinton not receive the briefings following the use of a private email server for official business while secretary of state, despite the sensitive information that comes across the desk of the country’s top diplomat. Clinton was severely criticized and lambasted by the FBI for her email use but not punished.