The news on Monday was dominated by reports of allegations against GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore (including the announcement of a new accuser) as well as the backlash against Fox News host Sean Hannity and a knife attack at the Mall of America.

There were also a number of bizarre news stories, from a strange home invasion to a story about two unusual missing cats. Three are summarized below.

The naked, cross-dressing intruder. According to local reports, a naked man broke into an elderly woman’s Florida home Tuesday morning, Nov. 7. “Here he comes running and I said, ‘Who are you?’” Homeowner Sylvia Garmon, 82, told WESH-TV. (Scroll down to watch news broadcast video on this story.)

Identified as 40-year-old Joseph Vaglica, the nude home invader proceeded to try on several of Garmon’s own clothing items as he repeatedly entered and exited the premises.

“I think he probably knew he was naked and needed some clothes … He was running around the yard with his arms up,” said Garmon. She left the scene and called 911. Police responded and arrested Vaglica, who was believed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and taken to the hospital for evaluation. Read more on this story HERE.

The supportive rodent. A lucky squirrel, who was rescued by a Florida man during Hurricane Matthew in 2016 and given a comfy indoor home, now faces life back in the wild. According to WFLA, Ryan Boylan is fighting his condo association for the right to keep “Brutis,” claiming the rodent is an emotional support animal. (See VIDEO below).

Boylan has been suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder following a particularly harrowing car accident. After rescuing Brutis, he says he quickly became attached to the squirrel. “I can’t imagine not being around her,” Boylan told the news station.

When the Island Walk Condominiums management found out about Brutis, Boylan received a notice to either get rid of the exotic pet, or face eviction. Boylan notified property managers that Brutis was an emotional support animal last summer, and has a prescription for an emotional support animal, “due to this emotional disability.” Condo officials are concerned about the liability of that particular pet.  The matter is now pending. Read more HERE.

Record-setting cats lost after house fire. Two unusual cats are still missing after their home in Farmington Hills, Michigan, caught fire. According to WXYZ, both cats were 2 years old and both hold records for their distinctive physiques.

Cygnus holds the Guinness World Record for the cat with the world’s longest tail, at 17.5 inch long, while his housemate, Arcturus, has the record for the world’s tallest cat, standing 20 inches tall (see pictures below).

Last weekend, their owners, the Powers, experienced a house fire that destroyed their home. William Powers and his wife got out safely, but they have not found the two record-setting cats. The cats may be alive, as the couple left doors open to allow them to escape. More HERE.