Logan Autry, a nine-year-old from Fresno, California, is a big Donald Trump fan. However, his school is now blocking his right to wear a Trump hat. Autry was told by school officials his hat “brings negative emotions to the other children who don’t like him.”

Autry’s hat is actually signed by the Republican candidate himself, so the hat is something cherished by Autry which he loves to wear a lot. He wore it to school three days in a row.

On Friday before the weekend began, Autry was asked to leave school early because of the amount of “disturbances” being caused by his headwear. The school asked Autry and his parents for him not to return to school wearing the hat again. Autry proudly retorts, in his own nine-year-old words, the school is violating his free speech.

A video of Autry wearing the signed hat can be viewed below: