The 5 big news stories trending Wednesday morning are below. DML News is covering them all and more throughout the day.

1. NAVY aircraft crashes in Pacific… A US Navy plane carrying 11 passengers crashed Wednesday while en route to the USS Ronald Reagan. Japan, which is helping in the search and rescue efforts, said eight on board the C-2 “Greyhound” aircraft have been found.  READ MORE

2. North Korean troops crossed into South while chasing defector, UN says…. North Korean troops briefly crossed into South Korea while chasing one of their fellow soldiers who defected earlier this month, violating the armistice that ended the Korean War, the U.S.-led United Nations command said Wednesday.

At a live TV briefing, the command released dramatic video showing the unidentified soldier speeding down a tree-lined road past shocked North Korean soldiers, who begin to run after him. He crashes the jeep near the line that divides North and South in the so-called “truce village” of Panmunjom, where North and South Korean soldiers face each other at their closest distance just feet away.  READ MORE / VIDEO

3.Trump speaks up for Moore, warns against his ‘liberal’ rival... Silent for more than a week, President Donald Trump all but endorsed embattled Alabama Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore, discounting the sexual assault allegations against him and insisting repeatedly that voters must not support Moore’s “liberal” rival.  READ MORE

4. Uber paid hackers to hide massive data breach…. Uber paid hackers $100,000 to keep secret a massive breach last year that exposed the data of some 57 million accounts of the ride-service provider, the company said.  READ MORE

5. Military members reassigned after having inappropriate contact during Trump’s Asia trip…  Three military members working for the White House have been reassigned after having alleged inappropriate contact with foreign women during President Donald Trump’s recent trip to Asia, a senior U.S. defense official has confirmed to Fox News.

The service members, who worked as part of the White House Communications Agency (WHCA), are being investigated for allegedly breaking curfew in Vietnam, The Washington Post reported Tuesday.