It was an active week in news with Trump returning home, Roy Moore battling for his political life, tax reform and Hillary’s mouth running about what’s fair and what’s not.   Make no mistake, the weekend will be just as busy.

Here are a list of 5 stories we are watching unfold today.

1. Russian collusion investigation travels down into another rathole…. According to the Associated Press, it has sources who say the Trump Tower meeting between Don Jr. and the “Russians” in 2016 draws more scrutiny.  “Earlier this year, a Russian-American lobbyist and another businessman discussed over coffee in Moscow an extraordinary meeting they had attended 12 months earlier: a gathering at Trump Tower with President Donald Trump’s son, his son-in-law and his then-campaign chairman.

The Moscow meeting in June, which has not been previously disclosed, is now under scrutiny by investigators who want to know why the two men met in the first place and whether there was some effort to get their stories straight about the Trump Tower meeting just weeks before it would become public, The Associated Press has learned.”  READ MORE

2. The hunt for a cop killer in PA…. A manhunt was underway in western Pennsylvania early Saturday for a suspect in the fatal shooting of a rookie police officer Friday night in a town outside Pittsburgh.

The suspect is considered armed and dangerous, authorities said.

Officer Brian Shaw had been with the New Kensington, Pa., police department for less than a year, police Chief Jim Klein said at a news conference. READ MORE.

3. Hold on for dear life!  A report from Fox News:  Rogue planet could bring end of days this weekend, numerologists say…. Here’s to hoping that you made plans for an epic weekend, because it may be our last.

Conspiracy theorists are claiming that a rogue planet will disrupt Earth’s orbit this Sunday and bring about a series of catastrophic earthquakes that could decimate life as we know it. READ MORE

4. Ryan Seacrest accused of workplace misconduct…. Cable channel E! is conducting an internal investigation into an allegation of misconduct against Ryan Seacrest.

The allegation stems from an alleged incident reported by a former stylist who worked at E! News when Seacrest worked there. The incident, the details of which are unknown, is alleged to have occurred roughly a decade ago.   READ MORE

5. Florida to become “little Puerto Rico.”  The New York Times headline reads: A Great Migration From Puerto Rico Is Set to Transform Orlando….  More than 168,000 people have flown or sailed out of Puerto Rico to Florida since the hurricane, landing at airports in Orlando, Miami and Tampa, and the port in Fort Lauderdale. Nearly half are arriving in Orlando, where they are tapping their networks of family and friends. An additional 100,000 are booked on flights to Orlando through Dec. 31, county officials said. Large numbers are also settling in the Tampa, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach areas.  READ MORE

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