Below are 5 tweets that are grabbing attention on the news feeds of Twitter users Monday morning.

1. Disgraced football player Colin Kaepernick is named GQ’s Citizen of the Year. CK started the entire “take a knee” protest in the NFL. Although he doesn’t have a team to play for this year, his fellow NFL brothers have carried the torch in 2018.

2. In response to Keurig pulling its ads from Sean Hannity after the conservative Fox News host asked viewers of his show to not form a judgment on the sexual harassment accusations made against Judge Moore until more information is available, Hannity tweeted a link to a coffee company stating they have a great product. Donald Trump Jr. responded by saying he met the owners and they are great people.

3. Trump Tweet: “Will be leaving the Philippines tomorrow after many days of constant mtgs & work in order to ! My promises are rapidly being fulfilled.”

4. Retired general Jack Keane tells Fox News that President Trump is returning US leadership back to the world stage. VIDEO

5. 7.3-magnitude earthquake on Iran-Iraq border kills more than 300, injures 2,500.