Each day more and more big names are piling onto the Trump Train — endorsing the real estate mogul for president. Believing Hillary Clinton needs to be demolished in the election come November, a new supporter with political experience has come out as a supporter for Donald Trump.  On Thursday, Former Vice President Dan Quayle stated on the Today Show he will be pledging 100% support to Trump as the Republican nominee. Quayle believes Trump has a definite chance to win the White House.

“Clearly, he’s got good political instincts, he has a good business background, he’s a winner and he’s unusual,” Quayle said of Trump. “He’s obviously very different. He’s not going to play by the rules … but I think that he can win.” Quayle further notes he even wants to see more of Trump and his take on certain policies. “He’s got to make another speech on foreign policy. He’s got to make speeches on the economy. He’s got to show that he’s presidential. He’s not running in a primary anymore. He’s won that. Now he’s got to figure out how to win the general election,” Quayle said.

In terms of Clinton’s chances, Quayle noted Clinton on paper or in concept would look like a good president, but Trump is the President the American people want and the country needs. Quayle adds Trump is “more qualified in the sense that the American people want an outsider.”

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 1.34.29 PMHowever, Quayle’s former counterpart Bush 41 has not vouched support or endorsement. This has been the first time he’s been inactive on backing a GOP candidate in the last five elections. It has recently been reported both former Bush presidents have no plans to endorse Trump. This may be due to sore feelings from Trump crushing former FL. Governor Jeb Bush in the primaries earlier this election cycle.