The New York Post is reporting that a man in Queens, New York fell to his death after being accused of sexually molesting two kids at a children’s birthday party

The accused child molester, Edgar Collaguazo, 44, fell four stories to his death Thursday, according to police.

Reportedly, Collaguazo sublets a room in his apartment to the family of the 5-year-old boy who was celebrating a birthday.  Police say Collaguazo had offered the boy and a young girl the chance to watch a movie in his room while the adults partied.

But when one of the adults went to check on the kids, she found Collaguazo with his hand down the little boy’s pants. The little girl later claimed Collaguazo had kissed her on the mouth.

When all the adults were alerted of what he had done to the children, some of them began hitting Collaguazo.   Ultimately, they locked him in his room and called the police.  That’s when Collaguazo tried to escape out his 4th-floor window.  He somehow fell and landed directly on a metal fence before bouncing onto the ground.   The fall was captured on a security camera, so it appears no foul play was involved.

Collaguazo did not die upon impact.  Reportedly, he was still alive when EMS arrived.  After some time in critical condition, Collaguazo later died at a hospital from his injuries.

The boy’s mother said Collaguazo and her son were very close, but she wasn’t aware of him touching the child in the past. “I never imagined he was able to do something like that,” she told The Post.