Hollywood actor, Woody Harrelson slammed President Trump on HBO Friday evening.

Harrelson, who is promoting his new political film about LBJ, told Bill Maher that he had dinner with Donald Trump years ago, and that the dinner was so bad that he felt the need to get stoned in order to live through the event.

Appearing on HBO’s ‘Real Time’ with Bill Maher, Harrelson said that Trump’s ‘narcissism’ was more than he could handle sober. ‘I had to walk out halfway through, smoke a joint, just to steel myself for the rest of the thing,’ Harrelson recalled. ‘It was brutal.’

In his new film, Harrelson portrays former president, Linden Johnson.  Thus, like most of Hollywood, Harrelson wasn’t shy in using Trump’s popularity to promote himself.   For example, when speaking about how President Johnson was considered to be a rude person, Harrelson said, but ‘he wasn’t publicly vulgar like our president incumbent.’

With some poking by Maher, Harrelson then went on to recall the uncomfortable dinner. ‘I got invited by [then-wrestler-turned Minnesota Governor] Jesse Ventura,’ he explained. ‘Back in 2002, I was in New York, and he said “Would you come with me, Trump’s going to try to get me to be his running mate on the 2004 ticket” – Democratic ticket.’   Maher reminded the audience that Trump used to be a Democrat.

‘Yeah, he didn’t care, so long as he–‘ Harrelson said, stopping short of saying quite what it was Trump wanted. Not that it was hard to glean from Harrelson’s recollection of the meal: Attention. A lot of attention.

You can watch the video below.