Speaking to the North Carolina Gang Investigators Association’s annual meeting in Winston-Salem on Thursday, United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions said, “This is America. We will not be held hostage in our homes and our communities by gangsters.”

The overall crime rate remains at historically low levels, but instances of violent crime have surged in recent years, particularly those associated with brutal gangs. Keeping that in mind, Sessions’ attack on organized crime syndicates has become the theme that has begun to define his administration of the Department of Justice.

In recent months, AG Jeff Sessions has visited a Long Island, New York community ravaged by MS-13, convened a summit on transnational gang violence in Latin America, and created an interagency Task Force on Crime Reduction and Public Safety. But the mainstream media is instead talking about declaring President Donald J. Trump a racist and claiming that he embraces the KKK.

“This is not just a big city problem. I heard recently about Hamlet, North Carolina, where this year’s annual Independence Day celebration was canceled suddenly because of threats of gang violence,” AG Jeff Sessions told the gang investigators, adding, “This is in a town of about 7,000 people. I certainly respect the decision of the city leaders, but it is infuriating and wrong to me that they had to make it. This is America. We will not be held hostage in our homes by gangsters.”

According to the FBI’s most recent national gang report, approximately half of all gang investigators said gang membership and activity are on the rise. In addition, about one-third of jurisdictions reported an increase in threats to law enforcement.

“Drug trafficking, extortion, murdering rivals, robbing innocent bystanders,” Sessions read of the list of horrendous offenses, noting that the national murder rate “surged” by nearly 11 percent in one year, which is the largest increase since 1968. Homicide rates are up in 27 of the nation’s 35 largest cities, some dramatically, he said.

“I’m afraid this is a trend, the starting of a trend that we do not want to see happen,” the attorney general added.

AG Jeff Sessions went on to tie the national drug overdose epidemic with the gang problem, noting that nearly 60,000 Americans died last year due to an overdose, which was up from about 50,000 the previous year. He said that is the highest death toll and fastest increase in the death toll due to drug overdoses in American history.

“Gangs are more effective than other criminals because they work together,” AG Jeff Sessions noted, stating that in North Carolina alone, annual overdose deaths have tripled since 1999.

Since Jeff Sessions was appointed to the attorney general’s post, President Donald J Trump has issued three executive orders to unequivocally support state and local law enforcement, to reduce crime and dismantle transnational criminal organizations.

“We must keep after them, we cannot let them recover from these attacks,” AG Sessions said.

Bringing up another issue which relates to the previous two, AG Sessions spoke about illegal immigration, stating that there has been a 50 percent reduction in illegal attempts to enter the United States since President Donald J Trump took office.

“People don’t have a right to come into our country without lawful admission,” he pointed, out, noting, “People should apply, wait their turn, if accepted they can enter, if not accepted they don’t enter. That’s what a lawful system of immigration means and we certainly don’t need to have sanctuary cities undermining the lawful immigration system of America.”

AG Jeff Sessions said that under U.S. law, criminal illegal immigrants have no place in American society. “The law says they should be deported, and that’s what we intend to do,” he vowed.

“We will not let up. We will combat this threat, take the fight to them, and devastate these criminal enterprises. I refuse to cede one more block, one more street corner, one more inch to these gangs,” he added. “It will not be easy, but I have complete faith in our prosecutors and our law enforcement at every level.

The remarks came after AG Sessions was in Miami, Florida on August 4, praising Miami-Dade as a model for local cooperation with immigration enforcement.

“Miami-Dade is an example of what is possible through hard work and a rededication to the rule of law,” AG Sessions said. “It is proof that the entire nation can do better.”

Comparing the situation in Miami, Florida to that of Chicago, Illinois, which continues to struggle with public safety, AG Session said that eight murders in the windy city on Sunday alone. AG Sessions pointed out that Chicago’s status as a sanctuary jurisdiction significantly contributes to the deteriorating security situation.

“These lawless policies do more than shield individual criminal aliens — they also shelter and protect lethal gangs and transnational criminal organizations like the Latin Kings, the Bloods, and MS-13,” AG Sessions said.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel refuses to cooperate with federal immigration authorities, ordering his city to bring a lawsuit against the Justice Department to prevent enforcement of a directive that withholds certain forms of federal aid to sanctuary cities.

“By forcing us, or the police department, to choose between the values of the city and the philosophy of the police department, in community policing, I think it’s a false choice, and it undermines our actual safety agenda,” the mayor said of the order.

White House officials have praised AG Jeff Sessions’ aggressive stance as he pursues one of President Donald J Trump’s campaign promises in the effort to Make America Great Again.

“The more that people talk about this, the more cities around the country are going to get in compliance with the policy,” one White House aide told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

The CEO of DML NEWS, Dennis Michael Lynch, has long been a supporter of Jeff Sessions, and recently said the following about the attorney general: “There are a lot of talented people in the Trump administration.  In my opinion, the single most talented person who clearly understand the role they’ve been given is Jeff Sessions.  What he is doing with the DOJ is amazing, especially when considering what AG Lynch did to the place.”  He continued, “He’s brought back honor and truth to the Justice Department.”

You can watch Session give his address in the video below: