Is it safe to fly in America?  It’s a valid question when considering a story coming out of North Carolina.

Air traffic controller, Paul George Dandan, 30, was arrested Friday for possessing, transporting and acquiring a weapon of mass destruction.

Dandan was arrested along with his roommate, Derrick Fells, following a police investigation into a November 3 phone call to authorities concerning a man with an explosive.

According to police, Fells admitted building a pipe bomb to use against a neighbor, but later decided to give the explosive device to Dandan instead, who has access to a flight tower at Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

The Federal Aviation Administration immediately fired Dandan after his arrest and revoked his access to the airport.

Authorities at the airport stressed that Dandan only had access to an offsite air traffic control tower.  Regardless, Dandan is being held at a county jail on $45,000 bond, and the FBI is assisting local police with the investigation.