As the terror attack unfolded in Nice, France, former Florida congressman and retired U.S. Army Lt. Colonel Allen West said earlier this year he “had the sick feeling this would happen” and offered his thoughts on how the U.S. “must respond.” He also predicted earlier Hillary Clinton would get away with no criminal charges over her emails. 

Following the terror attack in Nice that left at least 84 people dead, West wrote in a post on his website:

“Earlier this year I had the sick feeling the enemy knew this year was their last year, their chance to inflict levels of carnage unseen.

This MUST end, and it must end now — sadly, there will be no replacement of leadership at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue until next year [in] January,” West added. “Sadly, we do not have a parliamentary system where a vote of NO CONFIDENCE can be taken and we get a new Prime Minister.

We must find the ISIS centers of gravity and surround Raqqa and reduce it, along with Mosul. At home, we must pursue any and all clerics and mosques that are proselytizing radical hatred and deport them. We must enact stringent immigration measures against single military-age Muslim males and focus on any country that has Islamic terror operation. We must declare war against Islamic fascism and define it in very specific terms and not provide any cover for seditious speech on our shores.

Our men and women in uniform are chomping at the bit to deliver a first rate ass whipping on these jihadis.”