Donald Trump lost the popular vote, but crushed Hillary Clinton in the Electoral College.  Thus, he stands president.   But a new revelation raises a new question amongst Democrats who remain in denial about the election, and how it was lost by Clinton.   Could they have won with a better candidate?

Former DNC leader and once cherished CNN contributor Donna Brazile claims she considered replacing 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton with then-Vice President Joe Biden after Clinton fainted in New York City during the annual 9/11 ceremony.

In her new book, Brazile says as the then interim Democratic National Committee chairwoman, she had already known that Clinton was plagued by pneumonia at the time of the fainting episode that rocked the election.

The Washington Post received an advanced copy of the book, and has written a review of  Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns that Put Donald Trump in the White House.”  The Post says Brazile writes in “wrenching detail” about the former first lady’s bout with pneumonia, including her seeing Clinton at a Manhattan gala two days before she collapsed.

Brazile said Clinton was already “wobbly on her feet” and had a “rattled cough,” according to the review.

Clinton’s former campaign team said in an open letter posted Saturday on the blogging platform Medium that they were dismayed by Brazile’s revelations.

“We were shocked to learn the news that Donna Brazile actively considered overturning the will of the Democratic voters by attempting to replace Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine as the Democratic Presidential and Vice Presidential nominees,” reads the opening of the letter.”It is particularly troubling and puzzling that she would seemingly buy into falseRussian-fueled propaganda, spread by both the Russians and our opponent, about our candidate’s health.”

According to the Post review, Brazile wanted to replace Clinton and Vice Presidential Nominee Sen. Tim Kaine with a ticket of Biden and New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker as his running mate. She purportedly thought they had the best potential to win over working-class voters and defeat Republican nominee Donald Trump.

But “I thought of Hillary, and all the women in the country who were so proud of and excited about her. I could not do this to them,” Brazile writes.

It appears to be a lot of “should of been and could of been” from Brazile, who’s new book won’t remove the stain she placed on herself by giving Clinton the prepared debate questions before a debate took place.   Fact is, Trump is president and not Biden, and Brazile in no longer a respected name in news or politics.