The city council meeting in Escondido, California Wednesday night went on for hours, in a fiery debate over the state’s “sanctuary laws,” but in the end, the city council voted 4-1 in favor of supporting the Trump administration’s lawsuit against the state of California.

Although it is not actually joining the lawsuit, Escondido became the first city in San Diego County to vote in favor of supporting the lawsuit.

The city of Huntington Beach, in Orange County, just voted 6 to 1 Monday night to join the lawsuit. Orange County has also joined the Trump administration in the lawsuit, as Californians are becoming more and more fed up with the sanctuary policies being pushed upon them by Governor Brown.

NBC San Diego reported:

Two large groups of demonstrators, supporters of the lawsuit and supporters of sanctuary laws, faced off outside of the municipal building prior to the meeting which was elongated by nearly three hours of public comment before the vote was held.

Only 200 people were allowed into the meeting, 66 of whom signed up to give the City Council their two cents on the issue.

“You can’t solve the immigration problem and you weren’t elected to do that,” Escondido resident Paul McNamara told the council.

Patricia Lyons agrees with many opponents of sanctuary laws who say they jeopardize safety.

 “California has gone from the Golden State into a state of lawlessness. The Sanctuary state bill HB54 has reduced California to a national security threat,” Lyons said.


Sam Abed, Mayor of Escondido, has given several interviews on the matter recently, declaring that “Harboring and protecting illegal criminals and giving them more rights than American citizens is immoral, illegal, and unconstitutional,” and said it is his duty to uphold the constitution.


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