Those who are protesting Donald Trump rallies are starting to show their true colors. While media critics accuse Trump fans of being rowdy and anti-(insert political correctness phrase here), there was a massive anti-Trump protest last night outside the presumptive GOP nominee’s New Mexico rally last night. And it got dangerously violent, real fast.

Protesters lit fires, smashed a door and threw rocks outside a Donald Trump rally Tuesday night. Police attempted to usher protesters away from Trump’s event into the nearby streets. Rocks and bottles were thrown at police horses. A glass door at the convention center was shattered by the protesters, and they tried to block exit routes before the cops removed them. There was a resoundingly loud “F*** Donald Trump” chant being exclaimed amongst the obnoxious crowd.

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Despite initial word of gunshots, Albuquerque’s police department claimed there was no such thing. “There is no confirmation that any gunshots were fired, contrary to reports. Possible damage to Convention Center Windows by pellet gun,” the department tweeted.

Inside Trump’s event, protesters disrupted him sporadically during his speech. The police then also confirmed: “Only arrests at this point have been from inside the rally.”