Oscar-winning Revenant actor Leonardo DiCaprio got cold feet and has backed out of hosting a Hillary Clinton fundraiser. According to DiCaprio’s “people,” he bowed out of the $33,400 per-plate event because of a traveling mishap that has him stuck in New York.

DiCaprio’s cancellation comes with suspicion. The actor’s environmental-oriented charitable organization, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, was linked to a $3 billion Malaysian embezzlement scheme last week. Allegedly, the liberal celebrity-infused organization received donations tied to money misappropriated from a Malaysian sovereign wealth fund, that was originally designated for the country’s development.

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The Clinton campaign is vehemently denying this being the actual reason, of course. “If we could have had the event at his home, we would have loved to,” he told THR. “He was gracious enough to find us a new host. We hope to do something with him in the future.”

Singer and actor Justin Timberlake will be taking DiCaprio’s place as the host of the lavish and expensive event.

Even though DiCaprio’s team reported his travel delay was due to his acting schedule, DiCaprio currently has no projects he’s working on as an actor. Whether it’s Clinton or DiCaprio, somebody is lying on one end of this fallout.