On Wednesday, in an hour long interview with C-SPAN, Bernie Sanders seems to have come to terms that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic presidential nominee.

Sanders stated in the interview that “It doesn’t appear that I’m going to be the nominee, so I’m not going to be determining the scope of the convention.”  Along with this statement Sanders added that he has reached no agreement on whether or not to endorse Clinton and her campaign.

While noticing his chances of taking the oval office are limited, Sanders has moved into a phase of negotiations with Clinton in order to have some of his stances adopted by her in the election. Sanders stated in the interview that “what our job is now is to have her listen to what millions of people in this country who supported me want to see happen. We’ll see how that evolves.”

Sanders ended the interview with hopes of speaking at the Democratic National Convention, and skeptical at the thought of his supporters jumping ship and supporting Trump in the election.