President Obama gave his formal endorsement yesterday of Hillary Clinton, however he was not the only leading Democrat to do so. Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Elizabeth Warren also gave their endorsements of Hillary, but did so while giving pouncing criticism of Donald Trump.

Biden and Warren — who Trump loves to label as “Pocahontas” — were speaking at the American Constitution Society’s convention, a liberal law group, on Thursday for their endorsements when they sought to bash Trump.

Warren went off on another tirade and excoriated Trump as “a loud, nasty, thin-skinned fraud who has never risked anything for anyone and who serves no one but himself” and warned of a “full-scale assault on the integrity of the federal judiciary and its judges. We are losing the fight over whether our courts will remain a neutral forum. The American ideal is that “f you break the law, you can be held accountable, even if your name is Donald Trump. But Trump doesn’t think those rules apply to him.”

Warren ended her rhetoric by calling Trump a “a total disgrace” and “a thin-skinned, racist bully,” adding, “You shame yourself, and you shame this great country.”

Biden also said Trump’s behavior threatens the independence of the judiciary. “It is racist,” he exclaimed. “Trump’s comments about the courts showed that he views the judiciary as a tool for him to manipulate. These are words, in my view, of one who would defy the courts if they ruled against him as president.”

Videos of their speeches can be viewed below: