Hillary’s tax returns revealed a lot about her “charitable donations.” Bill and Hillary Clinton donated over $1 million to charity in 2015, with 96 percent of it going to one cause near and dear to their heart – the Clinton Foundation.

The Daily Caller reported this observation after reviewing Hillary Clinton’s tax returns, which she released Friday, as a means of pressuring Donald Trump to release his taxes records.  

In the tax returns, $1,042,000 were deducted as charitable contributions last year, with $1 million going to their own non-profit, the Clinton Foundation, and $42,000 going to “Desert Classic Charities,” an organization that hosts an annual PGA golf meet.

There is a strong tie between Desert Classic Charities and the Clinton Foundation, states the Daily Caller. Doug Band, a Clinton Foundation adviser and longtime assistant to Bill Clinton, was a member of the board of directors of DCC through 2014.

“It was also revealed earlier this week that a Clinton Foundation adviser named Doug Band contacted several Clinton State Department aides in 2009 asking for a favor for a million-dollar Clinton Foundation donor named Gilbert Chagoury.   Chagoury, a Nigerian-Lebanese billionaire, was at one time an associate of Nigerian dictator Sani Abache.   He formed a relationship with Bill Clinton in the 1990’s.”