The San Jose protests against Donald Trump were intense. And the violence driven by the radical left can be witnessed by watching a video of a Muslim black man who chases down a young white man who supports Trump. And then the Muslim man goes to Twitter and brags about it.

The Muslim man went to Twitter and claimed to be the person seen on news video chasing and tackling the young white male Trump supporter. He uses the Twitter handle “Houdini @sizzle_seyf”, but today he set his account to private.

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 1.42.53 PM

Muslim Black Man in question jumping on car roof.

Before the Trump rally he tweeted about the Muslim-celebrated Ramadan which takes place during June. He tweeted:

“#ramadanconfessions me and the homies would stain Super America and come to the masjid for iftar????”

He also tweeted:
“Nigga trump be picking the wrong cities to go to fuckin clown ?? smh #sanjose #fucktrump”

The Muslim man using the Twitter Houdini @sizzle_seyf identified himself as “Seyfudin Mohamud” in a tweet from October 2011.  It appears he is a Somalian who lives in Minnesota.   There is no clear reason as to why he chased the boy                                                                                           and tackled him as seen in the video: