Milo Yiannopoulos is a young conservative intellectual and writer for Breitbart News, as well as a media journalist who supports presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump. He was giving a speech at DePaul University Tuesday night when protesters associated with the Black Lives Matter movement disrupted the event.

Security did absolutely nothing to stop the protesters, and some have speculated it was a fear of being recorded on the protesters’ cameras trying to attain them. Instead, they were recorded for their inactions as protesters began sitting on stage.

Then, one junior named Kati Danforth stood up, took the mic and preached at the disruptive students. When a protester got up in Kati’s face, she let off an impassioned set of statements.

“I’m a white supremacist now? Because I believe in hard work and deciding that I need to make a life for myself makes me a racist, a bigot and a white supremacist? You’re being lazy and disrespectful. And I’m pretty sure your parents didn’t raise you to be disrespectful! It’s an opinion guys! It’s an opinion! It’s not going to kill you! If you believe in who you are and you know who you are, it will not bother you! I know who I am! I am Kati Danforth. I am a math major and junior at DePaul University and I am working my ass off to become something!” said Danforth.

Thunderous applause followed after her statement. You can watch the video here: