Hassan Shibly, a leader of CAIR, a Muslim Brotherhood Islamic supremacist organization with ties to terror organizations, posted videos recently with instructions on how Muslims should respond to TSA agents when being questioned at airports.

Hassan was returning to the U.S. from Istanbul, Turkey on May 29, 2016 when he was taken aside for additional screening by a TSA agent.   Now he is hoping to create a massive wave of complaints by Muslims against the U.S. government, claiming discrimination at airports.   His intent is to create such a huge case that the U.S. will concede and grant special protection and accommodations to Muslims.  

Some of the advice the CAIR leader gives to his fellow Muslims includes:

When a CBP agent asks you anything beyond identification tell the agent, “None of your Damn Business.”

If you’re being questioned and it’s prayer time, stop everything, prostate yourself, and pray loudly… Brothers and Sisters must not skip their prayers.

Immediately call CAIR and file a complaint with us that you were targeted for inspection.

On behalf of CAIR, I will then file a ‘Mass Discrimination Complaint’ but I need your help to do it, so file a complaint because we need a lot of them to bring change and justice.