Sexual preferences made an appearance on the ballot in Palm Springs, California, when voters elected two new council members to make up the first 100-percent LGBT-run city in the country.

Lisa Middleton became California’s first openly transgender candidate to be elected to a non-judicial office when she was elected on Tuesday after receiving 30 percent of the vote.

Bisexual candidate Christy Holstege also won a seat on the council, receiving around 31 percent of the vote.

The two will join three gay men as members in December.

“It’s all because of all of you that we are here tonight, celebrating a victory, a historic victory for our city and for our state,” Middleton told supporters after the votes were tallied.

Middleton’s campaign manager, James Williamson, told the Desert Sun: “You’re now looking at a progressive city that remains business-focused. And I think that’s what we’re gonna see happen play out over the next 10 years.”

Aisha Moodie-Mills, CEO of Victory Fund, which backs LGBT candidates, told reporters, “Lisa Middleton shattered a lavender ceiling in California this election day – breaking down barriers to become California’s first trans nonjudicial elected official. Trans people remain severely underrepresented in government nationwide, so Lisa’s victory is important not just for Palm Springs or California, but for the entire country.”

Moodie-Mills went on to note, “Lisa’s historic election victory will be remembered as an important milestone in the movement for LGBTQ equality, and will undoubtedly inspire other trans people to run for office and win.”