Case 1: Earlier in Apri 2016l, Jason Pomare, 33, of Palmdale, California, dressed up as a woman and infiltrated a Macy’s mall. Claiming to be a transgender woman, Pomare spent hours in the women’s bathroom recording females using the toilet stalls on his hidden camera. Pomare was wearing a dress, wig, and even a bra when he was caught and arrested by authorities, and has been charged with six counts of unlawful use of a concealed camera for purposes of sexual gratification.

Case 2: Up North in Toronto of 2014, Christopher Hambrook, 37, dressed up as a woman and claimed to be transgender following Canada’s signing of a “gender identity” law similar to what is happening now in the U.S. Hambrook snuck into shelters as a woman named “Jessica” and physically assaulted women within their bedrooms and bathrooms until he was finally caught. Hambrook even peered and watched a deaf woman shower in the bathroom. He is currently indefinitely being held in a Canadian prison.

Case 3: Hitting closer to home, the leader of the transgender movement in North Carolina right now is actually a registered sex offender. Chad Sevearance is the President of the Charlotte Business Guild, an LGBTQ organization that has been shoving the transgender bathroom right into people’s faces across the state. In 1998, Sevearance was convicted of molesting and sexually offending young boys in his apartment. Sevarance was employed as youth minister, and would lure boys back to his home to show them pornography and sexually engage with them, many of whom were unwilling.

Below are pictures of Pomare, Hambrook, and Sevearance.

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