After a three-day manhunt, Pennsylvania state police announced the arrest of accused cop killer Rahmael Sal Holt early Tuesday morning.

Holt is suspected of shooting and killing New Kensington police officer Brian Shaw on Friday night after he was pulled over for a traffic violation.

Court documents show that three people — including his mother — are charged with harboring the criminal and hindering apprehension.

The 29-year-old Pittsburgh man has been charged with the murder of a law enforcement officer and firearms violations. He was taken into custody shortly before 5:30 a.m. Tuesday in Pittsburgh’s Hazelwood section.

Westmoreland County Detective Ray Dupilka said a SWAT team arrested Holt at a home, along with several associates and family members, including his mother, Sherry Holt. It’s been reported that more than ten people were being charged with hindering his apprehension during the several days he spent as a fugitive, according to a report from Triblive.

Police said Holt fled a traffic stop Friday night on Leishman Avenue in New Kensington and fatally shot Shaw, 25, after a foot pursuit. The alleged driver, Tavon Harper, 27, was arrested Sunday.

Investigators first spoke with Sherry Holt Sunday, and she told police she’d had no contact with her son, according to a complaint. Officers instructed her to call police if she had any contact with Holt

Later on Sunday, detectives from Westmoreland County questioned Sherry Holt, and she changed her story, telling investigators that she had, in fact, seen her son on Friday night, after he shot and killed Shaw, according to the complaint.

When sheriff’s deputies and FBI agents questioned the alleged killer’s mother on Monday, she gave another version of her story, saying she hadn’t seen her son since the shooting, police wrote. Police questioned her further, and she finally admitted to having seen her son on Friday night.

On Monday, investigators got a tip that Holt had been in touch with his cousin, Mason, and Mason’s girlfriend, Aysa Benson.

Already wanted for a probation violation, Mason went to his home where he was arrested and questioned by investigators. Both he and his girlfriend denied having seen Holt in weeks, according to the complaint. Benson later confessed that Holt had been at her house Saturday afternoon, and she’d driven him to a bus stop in Downtown Pittsburgh, police wrote in the complaint. Benson also revealed that Mason had given the wanted man some new clothes to wear.

Benson is charged with two counts of hindering apprehension, and Mason faces one count of the same charge.

A press conference is scheduled later Tuesday morning in New Kensington.

Investigators say they know what prompted the initial traffic stop, but they are withholding that information from the public. A reward for information leading to Holt’s arrest topped $55,000 on Monday.

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