The Chinese government continues its assault on Christianity, banning all online sales of the Christian Bible on Thursday.

In an effort to keep children from learning about Christianity, China’s communist party reportedly ordered Christian pastors and priests in several regions to post notices in February, informing the public that the government has banned minors from being in church.

Now, the government is limiting access to the Bible.

The New York Times reports: The measures to limit Bible sales were announced over the weekend and began taking effect this week. By Thursday, internet searches for the Bible came up empty on leading online Chinese retailers, such as, Taobao, and Amazon, although some retailers offered analyses of the Bible or illustrated storybooks.

The retailers did not respond to requests for comment, although Thursday is the start of a long holiday weekend in China.

The move aligns with a longstanding effort to limit the influence of Christianity in China. Among China’s major religions — which include Buddhism, Taoism, Islam and folk beliefs — Christianity is the only one whose major holy text cannot be sold through normal commercial channels. The Bible is printed in China but legally available only at church bookstores.

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