Legendary rock star Alice Cooper says he’s voting for Tom Hanks in November.

“I think I’m going to write his name in,” he said in an interview with Rolling Stones. “I hate it when fans go, ‘Who should I vote for?’ Why do you think rock stars would know any more than you do? We’re rock stars; we’re dumber than you.”

The classic rock star remained non-political in his interview, saying he has always kept mum on his opinion of Washington politics because in his opinion rockers and celebrities are not the people to look to for guidance. However, Alice Cooper of all people thinks Trump is too weird even for him.

Partial transcript below:

What do you make of Trump?
He’s an interesting character. It seems like he shoots himself in the foot every single day and gets more popular by doing it. It’s the weirdest. Like I said, it’s like Vonnegut: Everything that shouldn’t happen is happening. It’s the same with her. Every time she gets a little bit ahead, something else comes out that makes her look worse ’til you’re sitting there going, “I honestly have no idea who to vote for this time.”

Is that how you feel?
Yeah. I honestly cannot in my head look at either candidate and say, “Oh, yeah. I’m behind that.” So it’s weird. I’m going to vote, but it’s really going to be one of those last-minute decisions going, “Ah.” [Pauses]. You know, I’m voting for Tom Hanks. I just think he would be a great president.