It’s the season of campaign advertisement attacks! While Trump has hit Hillary over her screw up on the Benghazi handling and her incompetent foreign policy plans, Hillary has also hit back about Trump refusing to release his tax returns. Now, the accused infidelity enabler is striking again at the presumptive GOP nominee over his relationship with women. The ad is titled “Does Donald Trump really speak for you?”

The half-minute advertisement funded by the Clinton Priorities USA organization features women wearing t-shirts of Trump while lip-mocking soundbites of Trump quotes on women. However, one of the quotes, “And you can tell them to go f*** themselves!”, is not even about women. Trump clarifies on Twitter that quote was taken out of context; he was talking about China, not women. Trump tweeted not only an accusation at “Crooked Hillary” for falsifying the context of a quote, but also followed up with a counterattack on her husband Bill being an abuser of women.

The tweets and the advertisement video can be viewed below:

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