Hillary said the following words about Donald Trump’s gun policies on Saturday:

“This is someone running to be president of the United States of America – a country facing a gun violence epidemic – and he’s talking about more guns in our schools, he’s talking about more hatred and division in our streets.”  She concluded, “That’s no way to keep us safe.”

Clinton’s criticism of the Trump came the day after he slammed her as “Heartless Hillary” for backing restrictions on gun ownership.

Clinton’s comments were made during her speech an at event put on by the Trayvon Martin Foundation and Sybrina Fulton, whose 17-year-old son, Trayvon Martin, was fatally shot by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman in 2012.  Fulton has campaigned with Clinton during the Democratic presidential primaries.

On the heels of Trump being endorsed by the NRA, Clinton attacked the billionaire businessman by saying, “If you want to imagine what Trump’s America will look like, picture more kids at risk of violence and bigotry, picture more anger and fear.” Clinton repeated her pledge to fight the powerful National Rifle Association lobby, saying “we will not be silenced, we will not be intimidated.”