Jeffrey Lord, a CNN contributor and Trump surrogate/supporter, went to battle with eight of liberal panelists on a CNN election debate over Donald Trump’s comments about Judge Gonzalo Curiel Tuesday night. Knowing he was going to be bombarded by overtly liberal attacks, Lord stepped into the debate boxing match any way to defend Trump.

Trump’s defenders so far in this quarrel are minimum, with diverse ranges from Piers Morgan to Gov. Chris Christie to Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez. Lord’s defense of the presidential candidate was that Trump actually called out racism by saying U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel has an “inherent conflict of interest.” The other panelists not only disagreed, but they harped and attacked Lord for his views.

“Be quiet,” Van Jones directed Lord at one point. “What happens is you begin to develop a cult of personality where an authoritarian is right because he is right,” Jones said. “The exact same behavior, if it were done by a liberal, you would say is racist.”

S.E. Cupp and Anderson Cooper also took strikes at Lord, as the 8 to 1 battle became so intensely heated and off topic. Detail of the clash can be seen in the video clip below: