Early Saturday morning, a CNN instant poll that was briefly displayed onscreen: “56 percent more likely to vote for Trump post speech. 75 percent positive reaction.”  CNN, seemingly shocked by the accurate results, had to then downplay the outcome by essentially trying to discredit their own poll. The mainstream media network cannot let positivity prevail when they televise support for Trump, so in response they released an article:

The CNN article, “World Reacts to Donald Trump’s Acceptance Speech,” reads:

 El Pais, Spain’s highest circulation newspaper, said Trump’s speech offered a “grim vision of America.” While the UK’s Daily Telegraph described the speech as “deeply pessimistic” and said fact-checkers were “highly critical,” it highlighted a CNN instant poll that found that 56% of Americans who watched the speech responded positively.

CNN’s report is flawed: the 56 percent number was actually the lower of two numbers. While they included that 56 percent would be more likely to vote for him following the speech, CNN purposefully excluded that 75 percent of Americans had a positive view of the speech, and that

CNN apparently thinks so little of its own instant polling service that it buries the results in the bottom paragraphs of a tedious article citing the newspapers in Spain and the UK, who just committed the mass Brexit (which Trump supported).