Late-night hosts had a field day with Trump’s impromptu press conference on the White House lawn Wednesday, with Stephen Colbert of “The Late Show” making an easy joke by calling the president a “crazy old man.”

“Do you ever see like a crazy old guy yelling on his front lawn until a crowd of people gather together and start taking pictures and yelling questions at him?” Colbert asked his audience. “Well today, that lawn was 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.”

Colbert riffed on Trump’s comments that his Tuesday lunch with Republican senators was a “lovefest,” and his defense that he remembered fallen soldier Sgt. La David Johnson’s name “without hesitation” during a call with his widow because he had a chart with Johnson’s name on it.

“Remember when Barack Obama would go on TV to brag about being able to read a name off a chart?” Colbert asked. “I don’t remember that.

“Keep in mind, if Barack Obama ever held a press conference like this one, the Dow would be at zero, and we’d all be fighting over feral cat meat.”

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