An exhibit describing the “Muslim experience in Minnesota” that has been traveling around the country for the past few years will be on display at the Alexandria Technical and Community College in Minnesota for the next three weeks, from April 9 – 30, in order to clear up all the “confusion” about the Islamic religion.

Called “Tracks in the Snow,” the exhibit features photos and experiences of 25 Muslims in Minnesota, and was organized by the Saint Anthony-based Islamic Resource Group. It has been traveling around the Midwest for several years.

Minnesota is a hotbed for Somalian Muslim refugees.

The Echo Press reported:

The college, its foundation and the Inclusion Network are hosting the exhibit. Their interest was sparked after an Islamic speaker came to Alexandria in February 2017. That event turned contentious at times as some in the audience repeatedly challenged the speaker.

“It was good information to talk about the Muslim experience and what their beliefs are,” said Shari Maloney, the college’s human resource director and a volunteer with the Inclusion Network. “There’s a lot of confusion and misperception about that religion.”

Inclusion Network president Deb LeDoux said those who attended last year’s event had so many questions and comments that the speaker stayed at the college until almost 10 p.m.

“I would just hope people can look at this as new information and something to learn,” she said. “Nothing they have to believe or accept, just something to learn.”

“The main impact of the exhibit is that it gets people to question their stereotypes. And most importantly, it brings people together to ask questions and talk,” said John Emery, a speaker for the exhibit, who is a convert to Islam.

Muslims have called Minnesota home for more than a century, according to the Islamic group. Emery said the exhibit’s goal is to allow viewers to connect with their stories. The stories are about finding one’s place in America and making America a better place for all, he said.