A large group of college students was gathered to party in an apartment near a Texas college early Sunday when the over-crowded conditions caused the floor to collapse into the apartment below. The scene was captured on video from multiple angles and posted to social media (see below).

The Ridge is a student-only apartment complex near the University of North Texas in Denton, and the site of the frightening collapse of a third-story apartment floor. Police estimated 100 people were present at the party in the early morning hours, around 1 a.m.

In the videos of the incident, people can be heard screaming and seen crawling over debris after the collapse, though only minor injuries were reported, according to Fox4.

Luckily, no one was in the apartment below the collapse. The occupants of that space, Carley Carroll and her three roommates, were at the Denton Police Department. Ironically, they were making a noise complaint about the party.

“That’s life-threatening. If we were in our living room, we wouldn’t have made it out because by what we’ve seen, it’s just completely gone,” said Carroll.

“I have nowhere to go. Everything I own is in there,” she told the news outlet.

Carroll said her upstairs neighbors had thrown loud parties before, and that she’d lodged complaints with the police in the past, even suggesting that the floor looked less than stable.

“We’ve called and said, ‘It looks like the ceiling is going to cave in,’ so I feel like with us saying that, there could’ve been more that was done,” she said.

The damage from the floor collapse has affected 50 other residents at the complex, as water damage from broken pipes has created problems in nearby apartments. The students who were affected by the collapse said the apartment management company and university have helped them find alternative accommodations while their homes are being evaluated.

Carroll’s sister started a Go Fund Me campaign for her sibling, writing, “With no renters insurance, she is now faced with replacing all of her belongings. Clothing, appliances, electronics and school work/books and photos are just a few of the things that she will need to start over.”

In an update, she indicated some of her sister’s belongings may have been stolen. She wrote, “Update: A MacBook laptop was stolen overnight as well. As the residents were not allowed in from the outside, it appears that someone stole it and walked out the door.”