In 2010, the wife of Bernie Sanders made a troubling financial decision that has not only crippled a Vermont based liberal arts college, but has also now effectively closed it down permanently. Jane Sanders served as the President of Burlington College since 2004 until her departure in 2011 when the school board asked her to step down. The reason? Jane Sanders purchased a $10 million property to expand the campus enrollment of the small liberal arts school, but the college has had financial trouble paying off the debt ever since.

Last year the school attempted to sell some of its property as a last ditch effort to find the means of funding to pay off their debt accumulated through Jane Sanders’ executive action. In 2014, Burlington College’s accrediting agency placed the school on probation. And as of last April, they denied renewing the school its line of credit. The dean announced Tuesday morning the school would be effectively shut down on May 27, and that the still enrolled student body would have to transfer to another school come this fall.

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“These hurdles are insurmountable at this time,” Dean of Operations and Advancement Coralee Holm said in a statement. “It is with a great sense of loss to the educational community that Burlington College’s progressive and unique educational model will no longer be available to students.”

Both Bernie and his wife Jane have not released a statement on the closing. Perhaps Bernie is too busy with trying to free the Puerto Rican terrorist?