After inviting conservative commentator Mike Cernovich to speak at Columbia University on Oct. 30, some members of the Columbia University College Republicans (CUCR) have been targeted by Antifa flyers posted around campus.

Posted online and seen around the Columbia University campus as early as Friday, the flyers identify board members of the student group with their headshots and personal information, urging opponents to let them know “what you think.”

Ari Boosalis, CUCR president, told Fox News on Tuesday that the flyers “put a target on my safety.”

A financial economics student at Columbia, Boosalis said the “doxing” – a practice of publishing personal information online, typically with a malicious intent – is just the latest string of harassment he has encountered this semester since it was announced that several right-leaning speakers had been invited to campus.

The harassment came via social media and not only targeted Boosalis but also other members of the CUCR board.

“I am the face of the [CUCR] and I can take whatever they say,” he said. “You can slander me, you can attack me all you want, and I can take it. But it’s going to other board members in smaller roles. That’s different level.”

The group has filed formal harassment claims with the university.

A Columbia University spokesperson told Fox News in an email that “student safety is our top priority.”

NYC Anti-Fascist Action was identified as the group behind the posters. The group shared a video on its Facebook page showing members posting the flyers around campus.

According to the Fox News report, Columbia University has experienced its share of public protests after it opened its doors to right-leaning speakers this semester. Just this week, a group of students who disrupted a recent address by ex-English Defense League leader Tommy Robinson was banned from future CUCR events, the Columbia Spectator reported.

The protests and harassment will not stop the group from hosting Cernovich on Oct. 30, said Boosalis.

“We have gone to an age of hysteria that is stopping these conversations,” he said. “I am not going to let these people make me feel unsafe.”