British comedian Lee Nelson crashed Donald Trump’s Scotland speech this morning to hand out Nazi golf balls with engraved swastikas.

Just as Trump was preparing to deliver his address in Turnberry, Nelson ran out and began rudely displaying the golf balls, pretending they were ordered by Trump.

“From the club house as part of the new Trump Turnberry range and I’ve forgot to hand them out,” he said. Many of the golf balls with left scattered on the ground as Nelson was dragged away by security guards. No one in the crowd chuckled nor found Nelson’s sideshow performance amusing.

Lee Nelson, whose real name is Simon Brodkin, has become well-known for similar pranks throughout the past few years. Some of his other stunts have included running onto Goodison Park during a soccer game, crashing a taping of The X Factor, and jumping on stage during a Kanye West performance. Most famously, in 2015 he crashed a FIFA press conference and threw $600 in cash at Sepp Blatter, pretending to bribe Blatter into holding the Fifa World Cup in North Korea.

Video of the interruption can be viewed below: