As we all know, the 2016 presidential race is coming down to Donald Trump for the Republicans Hillary Clinton for the Democrats. But sometimes Americans forget there are sometimes more than these two options, those who run third party. In the headlines lately, Libertarians (otherwise known as “Democrats disguised as Republicans”) have been elevating candidate former Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson as the “alternative” to Trump and Hillary. His prominence boosted with the announcement of former Governor of Massachusetts William Weld as his running mate.

Are these Libertarians an actual possibility to winning the presidency? The percentage chances are, quite literally, in the single digits. However, they can serve as a threat in another way. With the GOP still stalling on unifying behind Trump, and GOP elites like Mitt Romney denouncing Trump as being unrepresentative of the Republican Party, more liberal leaning Republicans may vote for the Johnson-Weld ticket instead. This then takes away votes from Trump, which could mean, Hillary may have the higher number of votes to beat Trump in November. Scary thought, for sure.

Here is a poll; what do you think?