A leader in the Black Lives Matter movement, said that the group might mobilize protesters at the Republican and Democratic conventions next month.

DeRay Mckesson told USA Today’s Susan Page that “we will need to organize regardless of whoever the next president is, and organize and be a part of it” He also said, “we have an incredible opportunity to hold the next president accountable.”

Mckesson said Clinton’s campaign hasn’t been responsive to their concerns, and they want her to listen to the group’s issues.

“There are two things that I’m mindful of. One is that I’ve not seen a draft, or the final version yet, of the platform from the Democratic Convention Committee, and I think that will have a big bearing on how people will mobilize,” he said. “The second is that Congress just sat in, so it’ll be interesting to see how the DNC responds to people in protest, given that congressmen literally just sat in and they seemed to validate that.”

He then went on to say that if the Democrats’ official platform doesn’t include a $15 minimum wage or is “weak” about criminal justice or community oversight of police departments, there might be protests.

Mckesson also added that he is expecting protesters at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, some of them affiliated with the Black Lives Matter movement.

“I think there will likely be protesters at the convention, whether they consider themselves a part of the movement or consider themselves part of the public that doesn’t want a bigot and a racist man to be the next president.”