Last week, Democratic billionaire-environmentalist Tom Steyer, of California, announced he is shelling out another $10 million in an expanded effort to impeach President Donald Trump.

On Wednesday, Steyer, a mega-donor to the Democrat Party who has an estimated net worth of $1.61 billion, launched a brand-new video ad, calling for Trump’s impeachment.

Propped up in a country setting with a barnyard behind him, in order to appeal to the “middle class,” Steyer begins the advertisement by asking people to remember the economic crash, when “people all across the country lost their savings, their pensions, and their jobs.”

He said the system that benefited people “like me, who were well off, was, in fact, stacked against everyone else.” He claimed this is why he left his investment firm and “resolved to use my savings for the public good.”

Steyer then slams the GOP tax reform, claiming it is for the wealthy and will hurt the middle class.

“It’s up to all of us to stand up to this president, not just for impeachable offenses, but also to demand a country where everyone has a real chance to succeed,” Steyer says in the ad. “Join us. Your voice matters.”

Steyer, who President Trump has labeled “wacky and unhinged,” reportedly spent $90 million during the 2016 election season, trying to elect Democratic candidates and stop Trump from winning the presidency. After that failed, he launched a $10 million television ad campaign in October, seeking Trump’s impeachment.

Steyer’s video ads were previously running on the Fox News channel until the network canceled the ad campaign due to backlash from conservative viewers.

Watch the activists latest video ad below, further calling for Trump’s impeachment.