Two elected officials in Camden County, New Jersey have decided to drop their affiliation with the Democratic Party to register themselves as Republicans, and vote for the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Audubon Park Mayor Larry Pennock changed his registration over two months ago, and said his switch to the Republican Party was “ideological.” Pennock highlighted issues such as the economy, national security, and immigration as reasons for his change.

After several years of contemplation to make this switch, Pennock said he was finally persuaded by Trump’s run for the White House. He also added that he hopes “people will respect me for being honest both with myself and with them.”

Audubon Park Councilman John Carpinelli also re-registered himself as a Republican.

Pennock and Carpinelli made the announcement of their new Republican Party registrations on Thursday, even though they are elected officials in a heavily Democratic county.

New Jersey congressional candidate Bob Patterson told Breitbart News, “For many, many years powerbrokers and political insiders have dominated Camden County, but the voters I’ve talked to are fed up with it. The insiders are going to find themselves on the outside in 2016.”

Patterson also stated that he believes the mayor and councilman should be congratulated for “having the courage of their convictions.”