On Monday, filed the final details of President-elect Donald Trump‘s $25 million settlement over lawsuits concerning Trump University. According to the details, Trump is personally guaranteeing that $25 million will be given to the plaintiffs’ lawyers by Jan. 18 of next year. That’s two days before his intended inauguration.

The settlement was submitted to a federal court in San Diego, and puts an end to the president-elect facing a civil class-action fraud trial. Both lawyers for Trump and the plaintiffs issued for a joint motion. “By any metric, this is a fair, adequate and reasonable settlement,” the lawyers said. “Both plaintiffs and defendants believe in the merits of their cases and compromised to reach this result.”

U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel has yet to give preliminary approval to the settlement. And while the settlement is in play, Trump and Trump University assure that they did not commit any wrongdoing in the settlement.