Amy Schumer, an American comedian and actress known for her absurd and vulgar movies, commented on the political race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in a sit down interview with BBC Newsnight. Schumer is generally popular with millennials, due to her propelling messages of feminism and rejection of standards regarding being in shape.

While promoting her first memoir, “The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo,” Schumer commented on her love for Hillary Clinton, describing her as a powerful female role model (no, she does not mention how she went back to Bill after being cheated on) and a great national figure for leadership. When asked by the interviewer about people’s negative opinions on Clinton, she disregards it.

Schumer believes people just accuse Clinton because they don’t know all the facts, and that she’s not a comparable liar to Donald Trump. Schumer then accuses Trump of creating a fake college, not employing certain people, and not releasing his tax returns. Clearly, Schumer counters her own argument by not knowing all the facts.

Video of the interview can be viewed below: