Well, this is entirely unexpected. Considering the last few days many liberal media outlets as well as GOP supporters have been bashing on presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump over his comments regarding Judge Gonzalo Curiel, one would think Trump would catch a break. Well, someone unexpected has come out in support for Trump against all the harsh criticism, and even criticized recently passed Muhammad Ali in doing so.

“Muhammad Ali said far more inflammatory/racist things about white people than Donald Trump ever has about Muslims,” tweeted Piers Morgan on Sunday. Morgan, a failed liberal CNN commentator and former Apprentice winner, defended the Republican candidate against the critics calling Trump’s comments racist. This is uncharacteristic of the British native, who has had stern opinions on left leaning policies like gun control. Morgan’s show on CNN was cancelled years ago due to low and unfavorable ratings.

The tweet has caught many conservatives by surprise. “Even Piers Morgan admits it? Wow…” conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh said on Facebook. The Muslim heavyweight champion Ali passed away at 74 on Friday, and has made controversial comments about those of Caucasian backgrounds before.

Morgan’s tweet can be seen below:

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 8.35.50 PM