Las Vegas mass murderer Stephen Paddock had an estimated $5 million fortune when he died, after perpetrating the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.

The gunman’s fortune is reported to include money he made in gambling and real estate. Fox News reports that the fortune is “up for grabs,” as a court decides how Paddock’s wealth is to be split up.

Reportedly, Paddock died without a will, and his mother doesn’t want to be the executor of his estate. According to KLAS, attorneys will now argue over how the process of distributing his wealth should move forward.

Paddock’s brother, Eric Paddock, agrees that the fortune should go to the victims of the Oct. 1 massacre, according to KLAS. But an attorney representing Paddock’s family also represents the father of one of the shooting victims. That attorney is attempting to be named administrator of the estate, which is considered to be an “over the top” conflict of interest.

A team of lawyers has filed an objection to block the Paddock family’s attorney from taking control of the money.

“I’d like to get the estate, all of the estate for just my clients. But that’s just not the right thing to do,” said attorney Craig Eiland, who represents several victims of the mass shooting. He has filed paperwork demanding a “constructive trust” be formed to handle Paddock’s assets.

Craig Fiegener, a reporter for NBC News3 Las Vegas, posted several updates about the proceedings on Twitter Friday. He said there will be a “hearing to exclude Stephen Paddock’s family from being beneficiaries of his estate, and to consider an administrator,” on Dec. 7.

In a related story, the Las Vegas Victims’ Fund committee announced that it has access to around $15 million from various donation efforts, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. They have announced plans to determine the method for which the funds will be distributed.

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